A 60th Woodland Birthday

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to throw my mom a special birthday party.  This one was extra special because she turned 60 this year.  Dosen’t she look great!? When I asked her what she wanted she mentioned she liked nature elements.  I knew it would a lot of fun to plan out.

One of the main things I knew I was going to enjoy was being able to use our backyard for part of the party.  I normally do not have this opportunity because my boys and husband’s birthday’s are in the cold months.  I decorated both inside and out, just in case we had any weather issues.

Now on to the details!!
Decorations: I used a combination of printables ,decorative elements and woodland items right in my back yard .  I love a good bargain so I set out to thrift and dollar stores to find some of my items.  For example I got a lot of my moss accents at dollar tree.  A lot of the little nick-naks at goodwill.  It was fun searching for little treasures such as ornamental birds, baskets, ivy, serving plates and more!

Outdoor Elements: The great thing about this theme is I was able to find a lot of the decor right outside.  A fun idea is to cut slabs or tree trunks and use for display plates. You can also use branches, pine-cones, moss, or stones.

Some of the printables I created were party signs, party circles and a Happy Birthday banner.

Food: I don’t know about you, but I tend to go overboard with food at gatherings, then you end up with a lot of leftovers that get wasted.  So for my mom’s birthday I decided to keep it simple.  I ordered a Subway planner and had chips, nuts, berries, cheese and crackers and just a few other goodies.  It worked out nice, and we had just the right amount.

Okay, the cake turned out Amazing!! My go-to cake gal Mindy Morton is really talented and was very happy on how this turned out.  Just the right amount of simplicity and details.  It really matched well with the whole woodland theme.  Mindy at the moment does cakes as a hobby, but you can check her out on facebook under Mindy Binnion Morton.

I had tons of fun with this party, and I want to send my mom a special message

Mom, I really enjoyed planning this party for your memorable 60th Birthday.  I love our mother-daughter time together and it was a joy being able to make this day special for you.  I love you!

Cake- Mindy Binnon Morton



  1. Wow. This party turned out amazing. I love garden parties, it is great you have a big yard and plenty of stuff to work with.
    I really loved the cake as well, very creative. Nice decorations as usual. Great job Judy. I am sure mom loved it.

  2. OMG love this! It looks very earthy and retro too, you did good!