Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


With the holiday season approaching a lot of you might be already on the lookout for some creative gift wrapping ideas.  Instead of buying gift wrap at the store, why not do something a little different and do your own gift wrapping?  This image above has some really nice brown paper wrapping with some accents such as hand cut snowflakes, twine, pom poms and tags.  You can see the full tutorial and supply list on how to do these over at a Pair of Pears

Winter Wonderland Cupcake Toppers

How about using these Winter Wonderland Cupcake Toppers for some Christmas wrap?  No one says you have to use them for cupcakes, just use your circle punch to punch them out and punch a hole in the top for your ribbon.  Or if you wish you can leave them square or use a rounded corner punch to make it a little more artistic.  You can then flip it over to write your to and from and tie it off with some twine or ribbon.  You can find the Winter Wonderland Cupcake Toppers here

Holly wrap package

Here is a nice simple white package with some holly leaf gift wrap.  This gift wrapping uses brown kraft paper, green paper and red pom poms.  It is very pretty left white, but if you wanted to decorate it up even more you could add some digital stamps on it (see below) to make it more colorful.  You can get the details on how to create this over at

Christmas Digital Stamps 2

These Christmas digital stamps would work out great on gift wrapping, especially if you decide to use white gift wrap.  All you would need to do is color your stamps how you wish,  trim around the edges and adhere to your gift wrap.  Not only would this idea be more personal, but it would add a hand made touch just by you! You can find these Christmas digital stamps here

How about those little tiny gifts that you would like to give someone, sure you could use left over scraps, instead try coffee filters.  Yes!! I did say coffee filters, what a neat idea. I would of never thought of that  and since they are natural color you can get really creative with bright colored ribbons and accents like jingle bells, charms, or pom poms too.  This creative idea comes from Decor 8

If you are looking for more color rather than using a natural base like some of the other brown paper wrapping these all use bright reds for their packaging ideas.  You will see accents like paper doily’s, vintage tags, patterned papers and red twine.  You can get tips on how to get creative with these over at Craft and Creativity  

Here is another idea using brown kraft paper but this time you can incorporate your leftover regular wrapping paper scraps into the packaging to give it that splash of color.  Or like they did they used copied patterned paper to wrap around the gift.  You can see more photos and tips over at 33 Shades of Green

Christmas Flowers Digital Paper

For wrapping small gifts or copying to wrap partial gifts like the above example you can use MyGrafico digital papers.  The above set is Christmas flowers digital paper.  It comes with several red and green varieties so you have plenty of options.  It includes patterns like poinsettias, trees, polka dots & chevron.

I hope this inspires you to think out of the box this Christmas season when it comes to your gift wrapping ideas.  This time you can put more of a personal touch and creativity to your packages.