Easter Party Adorables and a Freebie

Heres an adorable way to dress up your Easter Party with these quaint and dainty looking finger foods. A heart shaped egg !

Yeah ! its actually edible.

So heres what you will need:

– Hard Boiled Eggs to mould
– Plastic Moulds

To create a heart shaped egg without a mould please visit our friendly contributor Anna Thered’s website for a detailed tutorial on how-to.

Step 1
Boil some medium-large eggs until they are hard boiled. Make sure you let really cool water to run over the boiled eggs, so the shell is easier to peel. Then, peel off the shell.

Step 2
While hot/warm, place the egg into the egg shaper with the pointy side facing up.

Step 3
Close the cover and press down until you hear the click of the container. Then, just leave it aside to cool down.

Step 4
Open up the shaper. Walla! Your shaped eggs!

Step 5
To Serve them – cut them into half to expose the cute little detail of the egg yolk.

Step 6
Pair them up with these adorable Freebie Easter Cupcake Toppers by Blackleaf Studios and they exemplify cuteness all the way !

Grab these at the Mygrafico Store now !

Credits: Anna Thered, Bento Delights, Fantastik, Megan’s Blog