Freebie Friday: Hot Dog Party Printables

How’s your summer going?  Have you had many cookouts?  Well here is a reason to have another one.  How about a hot dog party?  Invite your friends and neighbors over for a hot dog buffet with lots of yummy toppings and good company!

For this FREEBIE FRIDAY I designed some hot dog printables you will get
•   1 8×10 party sign
•   12 premade hot dog topping tent cards
•   6 blank label printable to create your own condiments

Print out the sign and place it in a nice 8×10 frame and put on your hot dog bar table.  You can use a box or other element to make it higher on the table so it stands out.  Print out the labels/tent cards on card stock and place in front of each condiment you choose to use.


You can check out Pizzazzerie for some more unique hot dog toppings.  This would be great for the adults who want a little bit of a gourmet taste.

Now as far as some of your decorations and set up, its pretty easy to create a hot dog bar.

I suggest picking up some of those classic picnic style food baskets for your guests to put their hot dogs in, they should also be roomy enough to put some chips and pickles in there as well.  These are sold at a variety of party stores, the ones below are from Party City

For the tablecloth, you can purchase some checkerd ones at your local dollar store most likey , the one below is from Dollar Tree

You can also pick up some matching colored plastic bowls at your local dollar store as well to put all your condiments in, or you can also put them in canning jars as well.

And if you are feeling creative you can make up a couple of recpie ideas to place around on the table as well.  Check out some ideas at All Recipes like these below

 Seattle Cream Cheese Dogs  




  1. Thanks for the free printables! My husband is running for State Rep in our area, and I am having a hot dog bar at his fundraiser. These are going to be perfect!

  2. Fantastic, glad we were able to help! Feel free to share your photos afterwards :)