Freebie Friday: To-Do lists

Okay, so how many of you go through post-its and scrap paper like crazy jotting down things you need to get done?  ME, ME!! I know I love my lists, whether it be on my computer or on my fridge, I love to stay organized.

I decided to create this cute to do list  for for all of you super organizers out there.

There are several differnet things you can do with the lists.  I just printed them out on regular printer paper becasue I go through lists like crazy! Here are a few fun touches you can do with these

– Use a corner punch to give it a nice rounded effect.
– Print on cardstock for more durability
– Print several out and fasten with a fashionable clip
–  Give as a gift and adhere several to various colored cardstock
– Adhere a magnet strip on the back of one, clip them together and keep them on your fridge

These are just some of the ways you can use them, I’m sure you can think of more.

So let’s get organzied now, download your free to-do list HERE


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  1. tabitha grace says:

    Awesome! thanks so much!
    A grocery shopping list????

  2. These are super cute, Judy. I really like the ladybug one. I’m a to-do list junkie and these are perfect. Thanks!

  3. Adorable FREEBIE
    I will print and give these to my hubby, He needs these for than me:) LOL!

  4. What a great freebie! I always make lists, and these are so fun!