Holiday Craft Party

Create a fun and festive holiday with a crafting party perfect for little ones.  Christmas is just days away, and if your kids are anything like mine, they are very excited and anxious.  A great way to curb their excitement is to set up a fun crafting party with some of their friends.  This is also a great idea for getting together other family members, as well.

 Throwing a crafting party is simple.  First it’s best to determine which crafts you want to make.  Choosing three crafts allows enough options for any size group.  I created a sign to put out so that guests can decide which crafts they’d like to make….and this gives everyone an idea of what is also available for options.


Keep things simple and easy for guests.  Create labels for the items they will need to complete their craft projects.  I gathered my supplies in baskets, then created labels and attached them to the baskets or onto binder clips.  Tie small bows with yarn or ribbon for an extra touch!

Keep guests refreshed by offering a variety of treats.  You can find plenty of packaged Christmas treats at your local grocers that look like they’re fresh from the bakery.  I always like to create special place for all of my desserts, so I set up a simple dessert table with a bunting made from digipaper that I accordion folded and attached with a ribbon.  I also used a banner that I made using the clip art and digi papers to brighten up a plain white wall.


Be sure to label your dessert items. These printed food cards are perfectly whimsical for the treats that were set out for guests to snack on.



Finally, place your crafts out on display, sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday!!!!


MG Party Planner, Keisha Sibert, Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams


  1. Deborah Thompson says:

    Great ideas!!! Simple, detailed instructions. What a fun way to spend time together with family and friends. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the lil Christmas Tree Illustration! Too cute!

  3. Such fun ideas Keisha! I wonder if these would work on my adult children:)

  4. I think they can work for any age!

  5. Thanks, it really is adorable!

  6. It is definitely a great way to spend time with the family – also a great idea for xmas eve!
    Thanks for reading!!!