Milk and Cookies Party

Milk and Cookies Party Display 450x338 Milk and Cookies PartyPlanning a birthday, baby shower or Valentine’s Day party? This new PINK version of Sanqunetti Design’s Milk and Cookies Pink collection is the perfect way to get your party plans rolling! Here is what you will receive when you purchase the DIY printable collection:

Milk and Cookies Party Glasses of Milk 450x298 Milk and Cookies PartyWho doesn’t love milk and cookies, especially when you can glam up the way you serve your ice cold milk. I used inexpensive plastic margarita glasses adorned with a party circle I made into a tag. Top the glass off with a cookie, here I used gingersnaps. I carefully sawed my way through each cookie so that they would sit on the rim. NOT and easy task as they snap easily, so if you try this make lots of extras!!!

Milk and Cookies Party Cookie Place card 298x450 Milk and Cookies Party

This collection includes 4 buffet cards with the names of 4 popular cookies, “Sugar”, “Oatmeal”, “Chocolate Chip” and “Peanut Butter”. Of course if you have other cookies in mind for your buffet then use the blank cards also included. I included “Wafers” which come in the perfect coordinating colors for this collection, pink, cream and brown as well as Peppermint and Pirourette cookies.

Milk and Cookies Party Cupcakes 298x450 Milk and Cookies Party

Just because this is a Milk and Cookies party doesn’t mean you have to leave out the cake. I used mini cupcakes, so that we would have something to stick the birthday candle into and to show off these cute cupcake toppers made from the party circles. Totally Sweet!!

Milk and Cookies Party Banners 450x298 Milk and Cookies PartyLast but not least, a fun way to use both the bottle wrappers and banner pieces and create a fun display. Using recycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles I wrapped each bottle with the “Napkin rings/Water Bottle Labels”, then filled each bottle with milk. Just before the guests arrived I taped a banner piece to a lollipop stick then with a glue dot adhered it to the inside of each bottle. A unique way to display a sentiment or in this case, the guest of honors name.

I had so much fun creating this collection using  Sanqunetti’s Designs’ images and just as much if not more fun styling this party for my daughter. Feel free to pop on over to my site for more party ideas and information about finished party products at D&P Celebrations

Remember the most important thing when styling your party is to always have fun and make these creations your own.

~Your MG Party Planner,


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  1. I love the margarita glasses you used. Where could I get them?


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