Mother’s Day Party Tips

Trophy Mom Mother's Day Party

I think every Mom deserves an award.  I can’t count all the peanut butter sandwiches I’ve made, the noses I’ve wiped, or the ouches I’ve doctored.  Being a mom can be rough, but it’s also the most rewarding thing that I could be doing.  Which is why I threw a Trophy Mom party using my Trophy Mom printable set!  Since it’s for mothers, I wanted it to be pretty and elegant, but still simple enough to not have a giant mess to clean up afterward…because I’m a mom and I get enough of that anyway ;) I’m going to give you some tips to keep your party budget-friendly,  simple, and beautiful!

Keep it Budget Friendly

  • Use, Reuse, Recycle: You would never know it, but that cake stand is actually bright yellow from my daughter’s party.  I covered it in white paper and gold tulle.  It was less than $1!
  • Make your own desserts: It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or involved.  My desserts cost about $6 total.  I used a cake mix cake with homemade frosting and kettle corn and chocolate dipped marshmallows.
  • Dress up some canning jars: Canning jars are all the rage…and there is a reason why.  These look amazing for any occasion!  My glasses are from Pottery barn and they were $2.50 each, but I use them everyday! You can buy some without handles for about $1 each. I used my “Medal” cupcake topper and some ribbon to make these glasses.

Trophy Mom Mother's Day Party

Keep it Simple

  • Tone it down: I had HUGE plans for this party and then I realized that I was throwing a Mother’s Day Party and I’m a Mother…so I decided to tone it way down. It ended up being very quaint and still beautiful and elegant.
  • Know your limits: I first had the idea of having a huge cake and sugar cookies and cupcakes, etc. After burning one batch of cookies, I remembered that I really can’t bake. Since I can’t bake, I made kettle corn and chocolate covered marshmallows…still sweet and yummy, but about an eighth of the time and effort!
  • Keep a schedule: I like to keep a party schedule of each day’s “activities.” I usually start by printing out and cutting my printables one day and then I do grocery shopping a couple days before and cooking and baking the day before the party and save the last day for styling and finishing touches.  It works well for me, but you may have to find something that works better for you.

Trophy Mom Mother's Day Party

Make it Beautiful

  •  Use Printables: Printables are an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up any party.  You can purchase my Mother’s Day set here.
  • Play with Color: I love using pastels with pops of bright colors. I also used dark wood and a dark chocolate cake to make the pastels look brighter.
  • Create Texture: I love the way my “trophies” turned out.  I made tissue flowers and glued them inside the trophies.  They turned out playful and girly!


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