Wicked Fun Halloween Soiree

October is finally here and if you love Halloween like I do,  then why not grab your broomsticks and get your best gals together for a wicked fun witch themed Halloween soiree!

A classy adult themed affair with pops of modern is what I had in mind when styling this inspiration party.  I found the perfect set of Halloween Silohuettes by clip art images by Cupcake Cuties.

For this party, I used a lot of the digipaper to make the decor.  I found glass plates at the dollar store and decoupaged them with some of the digipaper to create a platter for these store-brought caramel apples.  The apples got their own decorative flags that I made using strips of paper cut into the shape of a small pennant for a flag.

Another way I used these plates was to create a footed platter for a stand.  I attached a black plastic wine glass to one of the plates with super glue to display my sand’witches’.

I saw an idea in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine where plain white plates were embellished with patterned paper create a lovely Halloween wall display. I took the same concept and used the digipaper but took mine a step further and added a few details with a black Sharpie!  Who knew?!!!

 A decorative banner is always a fun element to add to any party, in my opinion.  Here is a little banner I made using my Cricut.   I found a shape that was in the form of a plaque and embellished each one with scalloped ovals using the digipaper and letters that spelled out the word ‘BEWITCHED’.  A few strands of festive ribbon finish the banner off perfectly!

There is something really fun and whimsical about embellished bottles of soda! These wrap around  bands were super easy to make.  A simple strip of paper and a fancy tag that I created with the clip art on my computer was all that was needed to  take these plain bottles of orange soda to a whole new level.

This re-purposed cardboard crate left over from the soda bottles served well as a caddy for popcorn cones.  I covered the box with digipaper and then added strips of paper, a spider punched border and tag as embellishment.

Paper straws don’t always have to be used for drinking!  These cupcake toppers were made these using the party tags I created on my computer and then attached to black and white striped paper straws because they reminded me of witch legs.

Don’t let your party guests go home empty handed.  These swanky tin pails that I found at Target a few weeks ago make perfect party favors.  I filled cellophane bags with yummy Halloween candy and tied each bag with a ribbon and a thank you tag.  Each bag was placed in a tin pail that guests can use every Halloween!

Everybody knows, a good witch party must have spellbinding potions!  Using the apothecary labels, glass containers and my imagination I created my own bewitching concoctions!

Each potion was created using items I already had in my house, and it was really fun coming up with ways each one would look.  I used blue corn nacho chips for ‘Bat Wings’, candy corn for ‘Vampire Fangs’, blue glass beads were ‘Mermaid Tears’ a red candle in a jar became ‘Vampire’s Blood’, red yarn was used to make ‘Dragon’s Heartstring’, and my ‘Poison’ was simple acrylic paint mixed with water. to name a few.

The blank apothecary labels also were perfect for food cards.  I came up with some interesting name for some of the eats!

There are a lot of ways you can create a fabulous witch themed affair – I hope the ideas shared here have inspired you!

MG Party Planner, Keisha Sibert, Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

(If you want to see how I ‘cast a spell’ on this party…..check out the gallery below for before and after pics……)


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