Woodland Party

Today I am sharing with you this adorable Woodland Party I set up for the kids in my mom’s group.  We decided to do a make-believe party and when I found this Woodland Party printable by Lilly Bimble I knew I could create the perfect pretend party right in our back yard!

I chose to setup the party area alongside the outer area of our home, this would allow enough space for the kids to run around in play area of our backyard (without messing up/with any of the party decor).  Since our group is small, I created a table perfectly fit for the kids.

Woodland Party Party Table 4 436x450 Woodland Party

I will tell you, that pretty much everything I used for this party – with the exception of the food – were items I already had in my home.  For instance, the table cover for the main party table is a linen curtain I pulled right off the rod from my husband’s man cave.  The felt runner is left over fabric from super hero capes I made for one of my son’s birthday parties.  I had the moss sheets, plates and cups already in my party closet (yes, I have a party closet).

Woodland Party Birch Centerpiece 337x450 Woodland Party

I didn’t want too much on the table since it was so small, but I felt that it needed a dainty centerpiece.  I was able to collect some greenery from a creeping plant in my yard and use it as a center piece for the table.  I simply took a glass vase I already had on hand and wrapped a piece of birch bark print scrapbook paper around it.  The toadstool mushroom, gnomes sand moss accents were dollar finds and also items that I already had in my party stash.

Woodland Party Party Table 2 450x337 Woodland Party

Using the items in the printable set, I wrapped straw flags around paper straws and added party dots (cupcake toppers) to the cups.  The party hats were accented with yarn pom-poms that I used from my pom-pom garland collection.  I thought they mimicked the hats the animals wear in the collection.

The Happy Birthday banner is cute on it’s own, but after I added the poms to the hats, I wanted to incorporate them more into the decor and decided to place poms between the letters on the banner.  They really make the banner more festive and keep a cohesive look to the style of the party.

Woodland Party Banner 450x337 Woodland Party

Another item that I found in my stash was an ivy vine wreath.  I kept trying to think of a way to uniquely hang the welcome sign.  The obvious was to attach a stick to it and poke it in the ground, but when I placed in on top of the wreath, I knew I had the perfect way to display it.  I hung the sign onto a tree and it looked perfect!

Woodland Party Welcome Sign 337x450 Woodland Party

Delicious critter treats were set out on a desk that I nabbed out of my basement.  It was the perfect base for my snack table vignette!  I adorned the table with another small pom garland and added a few other woodsy elements to the display.

Woodland Party Snack Table Vignette 337x450 Woodland Party

 The snacks were placed in baskets that I had on hand and filled with floral moss.  These bag toppers are already named with fun snack names which  made filling them with treats for the kids very easy.  I used mini pretzels for the wood chips and trail mix for the squirrel stash.  I added cookies to cellophane bags and used the smaller blank tent cards to hand-write a message on.

Woodland Party Woodchips Squirrel Bag Toppers 450x337 Woodland Party


Woodland Party Treat Bag Toppers 450x337 Woodland Party

Fun cupcakes are a MUST in my book for just about any party I style.  These Toadstool Mushroom & Moss Cupcakes were the perfect addition to the party.  I loved setting up yet another smaller table just for the cupcakes and favor boxes.

Woodland Party Cupcakes Table 2 337x450 Woodland Party

In keeping with using items from around my home, I searched my linen closet and found some lace curtains, which I draped over a small wooden tray.  I had my husband cut a piece of wood from a log in our yard to create a riser to hold some of the cupcakes and casually arranged the rest around the tray and on small plates.  The cupcakes were really fun to make and the cupcake toppers made them look extra cute!

If  you are interested in learning how to make your own Toadstool Mushroom Cupcakes, you can learn how to do so by following the tutorial at the end of this post.

Woodland party Mushroom and Moss Cupcakes 450x337 Woodland Party

I added a few favor boxes to the cupcake table and also placed some in a basket filled with moss and more yarn pom-poms.   Each box was filled with a small woodland toy trinket.  I tied a bow around each box using jute twine and attached a small blank tag with a simple ‘thank you’ written on each.

Woodland Party Hedgehog Treat Boxes 2 450x337 Woodland Party

I initially wanted to use the mirrors as platters for food – but my daughter told me that I needed to use them to keep away the evil forest spirits….so that’s what I did!  I personally thought they added an extra bit of dimension to the tables and made everything look bigger….a great trick of the eye.

There was a lot of playful activity to be had at this party and luckily I captured a few moments (and got a little carried away with some post-editing fun on Pic Monkey).

Here are some of the kids playing make believe – can you guess the story?

Woodland Party Woodland Fairy 1 Woodland Party

Woodland Party Woodland Fairy 2 434x450 Woodland PartyPrincess Smelling Flowers 450x337 Woodland PartyWoodland Party Sleeping Princess Avery 450x372 Woodland PartyWoodland Party Woodland Fairy Wakes the Sleeping Princess 450x417 Woodland PartyWoodland Party Prince Adam 287x450 Woodland PartyWoodland Party Make Believe Fun 450x337 Woodland Party


This truly was a fun party for the kids and I hope you were able to find some magic forest inspiration!

MG Party Planner, Keisha – Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams


Toadstool Mushroom Cupcakes

100 7075 450x337 Woodland Party

toadstool cupcake steps Collage with text Woodland Party

pixel Woodland Party
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